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Post processing

The process is emotionally triggered in the photographer`s mind. You know that the most creative projects are born in totally unexpected situations.

Everything leads to an expansive organization  in which the expected result is not always predicted to the last detail. In such cases,  art  is created.

It is important to find beauty in the chaos itself. We own the huge advantage of using different tools to get the most out of our imagination. Of course, when the photographer is working it is advisable to do more of his work on the spot while shooting.
On this day, our shooting time was limited, the location was chosen quickly. We were looking for a fashion element, we sought dynamics, something modern and more noticeable. Finding a way to revive these static poses.
The light and the different angles of shooting have contributed to the overall feeling. But what certainly guarantees the success of the entire shooting was the post-processing of the images. The color temperature that added character, the contrast, which brought confidence and clarity.
You should not be afraid to use all the tricks you have, to express your imagination.

For some, things have to happen right on the location, organized and planned but for others, the end result and the emotion is much more essential no matter how it is achieved.