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03 Jan 2020
23 Mar 2018

Chasing the sun: Scotland Travel Photography

This story is dedicated to my first visit to Scotland. As you know I do not define myself as a travel photographer but it is always pleasure to share what I saw through my lens. Enjoy!                                        

10 Aug 2017

Light and Portrait

There are no such things better than being near the sea, the feeling of scrunching sand in your feet and of course having the most crystal focus in your hands… Bags full of Nikon newest equipment and one beautiful smiling girl who is ready to share in a very emotional and honest manner  the magic of wedding and portrait photography. On 5th of August Nikon had there 100 anniversary and their team here in Bulgaria decided to celebrate it through organizing […]

28 Apr 2017

Me, My car and my 50mm

That moment… When the weather is really raw. It is raining and there is nothing interesting to do. It is dark.     There is nobody to go out with you for a walk. It is cold. I put my shoes on, grabbed my camera and sat in my car.   I have no clue where I am going. I am just listening to the quiet sound of the engine and how playful drops are running over my window. Time […]

24 Apr 2017

Smell of Incense

There is something very special behind the doors of a church. For me churches are somehow magical, not only because of the energy you feel in those holy places, but mainly for the light hidden inside them. As you now, light is one of the most important ingredients for photography. If you want to find warm, yellowish, and soft light just take your camera and go to the nearest church to see what I am talking about.    Every time I attend a […]