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Light and Portrait

There are no such things better than being near the sea, the feeling of scrunching sand in your feet and of course having the most crystal focus in your hands…

Bags full of Nikon newest equipment and one beautiful smiling girl who is ready to share in a very emotional and honest manner  the magic of wedding and portrait photography.

On 5th of August Nikon had there 100 anniversary and their team here in Bulgaria decided to celebrate it through organizing one day workshop with Yana Peneva, called “Light and Portrait” . We were also given the chance to try some of Nikon latest cameras and lenses. It is great to see many photographers who gathered in one place, willing to hear one artist`s story. Yana says that the Light is the most important key for creating powerful and meaningful portrait, so we had to wait for the golden hour in order to make the test drive. In my opinion, it is very rear to meet such an honest and emotional artist who will stand in front of you ready to answer every question you have without any hesitation.

“Photography is my way to express the world through my eyes, actually let`s call it My world. A picture reveals more than a thousand words and sometimes I like using words. I also like Beauty and Love.” Y.P.

“Back in time, when I was about to buy my first camera, I went to the shop and tell the guy to give me some of those black cameras” Y.P.

I feel extremely happy to have the opportunity to meet people who talk about photography with love.  They use words as passion, emotion, power… It was pleasure being right there in this exact day.  You can find more information about Yana in her own website http://snimamte.com/

The selection you will see below  are taken with my favorite body – Nikon D810 in  a combination with 24-70mm f/2.8




The last backstage photos were made by Nikoleta Petkova who is also very ambitious and artistic person. You can find more about her in this page https://www.facebook.com/nikelenaART/?fref=ts

Thank you N. for the great pics