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Me, My car and my 50mm

That moment…

When the weather is really raw. It is raining and there is nothing interesting to do.

It is dark.



There is nobody to go out with you for a walk.

It is cold.

I put my shoes on, grabbed my camera and sat in my car.


I have no clue where I am going.

I am just listening to the quiet sound of the engine and how playful drops are running over my window.

Time stops!

No breathing!

People do not understand why I am sitting alone in the dark, but I know.

I keep looking for extraordinary things in ordinary places.

Every detail, every spot, dot… and street hide different story.

See, there is a bench…

You can sit right next to me. Just be quiet.

Feel how the rain smells, hear how the blossoming leaves tremble.


You will remember this night with a smile on your face!