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Traditional Bulgarian Wedding

This wedding is extraordinary and historical in a very special way. The young couple decided to wear traditional Bulgarian clothes on their wedding day.  The Bulgarian costume contains many elements and motifs from the pagan beliefs and legends. No one wore clothes with fully symmetrical decorations, because Bulgarians believed that full symmetry was a diabolical creation. Therefore, elements were often added and removed, so that no symmetry should exist. Those were intentional mistakes in order to prevent the evil eye.Bulgarian women make their costumes all by themselves. As early as the age of five, little girls were starting learning to spin wheels, sew, weave, prepare the trousseau for their weddings, and from their twelfth year to the wedding, they were learned to embroider - this was the highest skill of all domestic crafts

For me this experience was priceless and extremely emotional, enjoy some of the most interesting pictures of this traditional Bulgarian wedding.